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    BYL has been serving pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry since 1999 and aim to provide the same effective and quality service that has made us a leader in the high throughput screening of active ingredients. BYL possesses the technologies that enable the investigation of specific pharmacological target and high throughput screening of pharmaceutical active candidates. BYL’s technology platform is providing unique and significant value to our customers and partners:

    Identify drug targets (receptors, enzymes or transporters and isolation drug target

    • The known ligand or substrate will be immobilized on solid phase and the corresponding water-soluble or membrane target proteins is specifically retained, isolated and identified.
    • Develop high throughput methods to identify pharmaceutical active ingredients from botanical extracts or combinatorial library.
    • The identified or known drug target proteins are immobilized on HPLC stationary phases or 96-well plates that allowed high throughput screening in the manner of “garbage in and garbage out” in stead of “picking up a needle in haystack” We quickly decrease the number of candidates in one step


    Custom synthesis of complex small organic molecules and process development.

    We have experienced PhD chemists who specialize in medicinal chemistry, and process research and development. We offer custom-made organic chemicals from gram to kilogram scales. We also provide contract research service for our clients in order to support their drug discovery efforts. A typical project requires designing and executing the multi-step synthesis of a drug intermediate. Our custom synthesis capabilities and services include:

    • Starting materials, intermediates, and final products.
    • Reference compounds (literature, competitor).
    • Structural isomers and chiral synthesis.
    • Steroidal compounds.
    • Building blocks for drug discovery.
    • Process development and optimization.

















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