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Byl-Calcium is made from nature soluble calcium which chelated with the amino acid, L-Aspartic acid, according to the Nobel Prize winning chelating theory. The successful chelating by our patented technique extends the calcium absorption from the duodenum to the entire length of the small intestine and therefore achieves the absorption rate much superior to those of other calcium supplements.

Health Canada approved NPN80000413


(Calcium L-Aspartate Chelate)




Maximum Calcium Absorption

Absorption of conventional calcium supplements (inorganic or organic calcium) is limited by their poor solubility. Byl-Calcium, however, is completely soluble and absorbable along the bio-pathway of absorption and subsequent bio-utilization. Byl-Calcium has a maximum calcium absorption rate of over 90% comparing to conventional calcium supplements (5% to 25%). You can easily observe  the amazing solubility of Byl-Calcium  in warm water, tea, coffee or soup, even better than that of table salt.

Unique Absorption Pathway

The absorption of conventional calcium depends on vitamin D(VD). However, many people can't produce or activate VD efficiently due to age, disease or lack of sunlight. VD therefore is added into some calcium supplements to increase the calcium absorption but the accumulated VD in body is toxic since the body need several months to totally clean the VD from body after one-dose administration. Byl-Calcium is  absorbed though the amino acid pathway and dose not need  VD. Byl-Calcium therefore is especially good for the people who can't absorb conventional calcium due to age or disease.

It is Safe and Comfortable

You feel comfortable when you take Byl-Calcium. Conventional calcium supplement may cause gastrointestinal problems such as hyperacidity, dry stools, and lithogenesis. The chelate structure in Byl-Calcium prevents the calcium to form magma precipitation (stones) and avoid the gastrointestinal problems. Byl-Calcium reduces the risk of lithonephria, which is caused by calcium accumulation around the kidney in the presence of excess VD.

Full Nutrition

Aspartic acid is not only calcium carrier but also the nutrition for boost stamina, brain and neural health. Aspartic acid is very important for RNA and DNA functions, immunoglobulin production and antibody synthesis. Aspartic acid aids remove ammonia and other toxic substances from the body, consequently increasing the body resistance to fatigue and increasing endurance.

We are Chelate not Salt

There are huge differences between calcium salts  and calcium chelate of amino acids. The calcium salt releases the calcium ions immediately which absorbed only in the duodenum in the presence of VD and easily form harmful precipitates. It is easy to tell which is salt or chelate by the following test: put the capsule or tablet in one cup of worm water and test the pH of the solution. Byl-calcium is neutral (pH 7), while calcium salts are very basic (pH over 10), similar as home detergents!

After all, it works

You may be surprised with the significant outcome of Byl-Calcium, if you never experienced noticeable efficacy of calcium supplements. You will feel the difference and you will love Byl-Calcium




Q: I did feel good when I took xxx calcium (a popular brand of calcium amino acid chelate) which caused me excess stomach acidity, why?

A: Probably xxx calcium  is the salt of amino acid, not chelate. Calcium salts  consume a lot of stomach acid and your body has to secret more acid which may  becomes habit after longtime stimulation.

Q: I had bone spurs on both feet and was barely able to walk.  I took  Byl-calcium and now  I can't find any trace of the pain. why Byl-calcium could made the rock-hard spurs disappeared?

A: Actually bone is not like rock. Think about the similarity in structures between baby bone and adult bone, comparing with the annual circles of tree. Bone is a living tissue which continually build up and dissolve out to maintain the calcium balance between blood and bone. The spurs formed due to lack of calcium and can be dissolved when calcium reach the balance .

Q: I am diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. I took Byl-calcium 2 weeks ago and feel a lot less muscle spasm and cramps and the pain is less too. How dose it work like this?

A:  It was believed that some of migraines were caused by the imbalance of calcium. Calcium has a key role in the muscular contraction and imbalanced calcium was found involved in the pathogenesis of fibromyalgia. Clinical study showed that fibromyalgia patients has significantly lower  intracellular calcium level than that of healthy people. The lower intracellular calcium level may be responsible for muscular hypertonus. L-Aspartate of Byl-calcium is intracellular amino acid  and can efficiently carries the calcium into cells and relieves pains

Q: I took Byl-calcium yesterday and didn’t feel the twitch in sleep anymore, is it work so fast?

A:  Twitch when drowsy or in sleep is a common symptom of calcium deficiency. It could be temperately relieved since Byl-calcium is able to increase calcium level quickly. However it should took weeks or months to get complete relief.

Q: The dosage on label is 2-4 capsules per day, should I double the dosage for my severe osteoporosis?

A: Yes you can but not necessary. Keeping take Byl-Calcium every day is much more important than increasing the dosage.

Q: I heard that calcium and Vitamin D can reduce the risk of cancer, is that truth? Should I take byl-calcium with VD together?

A: Yes, more and more clinical evidences confirmed that calcium could reduce 50% of the risk of cancer (Am J Clin Nutr. 2007, 85(6):1586). VD was also reported reduce the cancer risk and some experts link its  efficacy with the calcium absorption. However, overdose of VD is  toxic so that several people died every year according to NIH reports. The key reason is the long half-life (28 days) of VD that means you take one capsule and half capsule left in your body at 28th day. Therefore, you should test the VD level in your blood and follow the physician’s advices.

You can take Byl-Calcium together with VD if you need since no interaction between them was reported. However VD is not necessary for calcium absorption since calcium in this product can be absorbed without VD. Byl-Calcium is  specifically good for those who cannot absorb calcium in traditional calcium supplements because of their poor ability to metabolize vitamin D.

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Q: Why other calcium supplements I took before  didn't work, the calcium is same, isn't?

A: Yes, calcium is same as element but its absorption and distribution depends on the calcium sources i.e. other part of the supplements. The solubility of calcium  is crucial for satisfied outcome since only the soluble calcium can be absorbed by human body. You may test the calcium solubility by putting the products into warm water. Byl-Calcium is completely dissolved quickly.

Q: What is the different between Byl-Calcium and pain killer to relief the the pain associated with osteoporosis and arthritis?

A: Generally speaking pain killer is powerful to relieve pain quickly. However calcium also works very well  if your pain in deed  associate with calcium deficiency. It is better taking calcium in this case since you can get better outcome without side effects of pain killers.

Q: I have token other calcium supplement for years but why I still got Osteoporosis?

A: One reason is that the absorption of many calcium supplement is depending on the activated vitamin D3 which  is critical for body to actively absorb calcium. It needs enough sunshine, health liver and health kidney to produce and activate the vitamin D. Many people however could not  satisfy these conditions due to lifestyle or age and therefore could not uptake enough calcium from food or supplements. Differently Byl-calcium employed a new calcium absorption mechanism in which the calcium was absorbed via amino acid pathway in the absence of VD. It was why Byl-calcium showed the excellent outcome for the people who had difficulty to benefit from  traditional calcium supplements.


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